Goodbye 2013.

Today is the last day of 2013. For me it wasn’t the best year. I spent most of the time sad and depressed and I didn’t did anything I planned. I felt like a bird in a cage trying to get out but afraid of what’s outside my comfort zone. This is the truth.

The good side of the year, well, a lot of great things happened that made me smile and be happy. I read 15 books this year. I decided to be more myself and take back everything I am and I was hiding because I was afraid of what people might think. I start to fangirl again as much as my heart wanted. I progressed on the novel I’m writing so much that it might be finished next year. I met my favorite singer Christina Perri. I went to LA. I tweeted with “verified” people. I started to watch the BBC series, Sherlock, and I fell in love with Mr. Benedict Cumberbatch’s acting skills. I started this blog. I wrote many songs. I won contests. I started acting classes. The movie The Hobbit 2 came out and it was amazing! Also Catching FIre. I got an iPad and a new iPhone. I got closer to my family. I went to Nashville,Tn. I learned more about me. I made people feel special.

That kind of sum up my 2013. I hope next year gets better.

I already my Wish List for 2014.

Here’s just a sneak peek of what I want to happen next year. I will see PARAMORE live for the first time. I will read more and more books. I will donate hair again for cancer kids. I will finish the first draft of my novel. I will travel. I want to meet new people too. I have many things in my head to do next year. I will try to fulfill all my wishes as long as God help me through them. And a lot of cool stuff are coming next year , so I will fangirl much more!

2014 BRING IT !!


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