The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug: My review with SPOILERS and stuff.

Watching The Hobbit 2 for a second time was the best. Wow! That movie was so amazing, I almost cried when the song of “I see fire” came out.
I can consired myself a little bit of Tolkien purist because I really like things just like they are in the book,but I’m open to new things that happened at the same time of the storyline but in other places. I love how Peter Jackson can make Tolkien’s world real, I love his work and because of his movies I discovered Tolkien so, I have to accept everything he decides to make in his movies.

I will say first the things I loved and liked about the movie, then what I didn’t liked or what I would preferred to have been done differently.

spoilers ahead


what I loved:

Beorn. I wished I could see more of him, but Beorn was great. And also the big bees in his home where there so that was great.

Thranduil He was just as I always imagined him to be, he was a truly elf king. I still believe that Lee Pace is a real elf, he did an awesome work there.

Legolas. Although he’s not in the book, he’s Thranduil’s son so I makes sense that he was in the movie. Legolas is one of my favorite Lord Of The Rings character so having him in The Hobbit was super fun to watch. His battle scenes where amazing, just like Legolas can be.

Tauriel. Well, she’s not Tolkien character but I didnt mind having her around. And she was played by the beautiful Evangeline Lilly which I didn’t minded at all because I am a fan of LOST.

The Spider’s scene and the barrels My favorite part of this scene is when Bilbo uses the Ring to save the dwarves. Love Bilbo and his acts of heroism. The escape of the elves kingdom was just like I imagined in the book, it was fun to watch it. And Bilbo is so adorable.

Sauron and Gandalf I liked that in this movie we can see that Gandalf finds out that Sauron is back, that gives us a preface of what happens in the Rings movies.

Bard. Luke Evans is adorable! His interpretation of Bard was excellent, I could feel him and understand him, he’s great.

The hobbit and the dwarves in the mountain. When the dwarves enter the mountain and Thorin touches the walls of Erebor made me cry. Its a very sentimental scene. Also, when one of the dwarves tells Bilbo something about the courage of the hobbits (wow!), I was crying! It reminded me why I love this book and hobbits so much.

– And last but not least, Smaug. The way that he was going to be was a mystery to everyone,and finally we get to see him completely. Oh, wow! Smaug was better than I expected. Benedict Cumberbatch did the voice and motion capture of Smaug and I am never disappointed of him, this man can do anything perfect. This was a real dragon! The dialoge with Bilbo, his actitied, everything! ” I am fire, I am…. Death.”

What I didnt liked.

Tauriel and Kili Ok,there was a love interest there, but the last scene of her was awful. The light hitting her face and then the scene cuts back to the Lonely Mountain really pissed me off. The athelas healing power was seen first in the Fellowship movie with Arwen, I would have leave it there.

Kili injured and the dwarves staying in Lake Town.

That’s the only thing I didn’t liked about the movie and the orcs. The rest is amazing! I will love these movies forever.


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