Changing routine.

Feeling sad, angry, desperate, weak was something I wasn’t enjoying too much. When I spend time alone I do things that I always feel shy to do in public but those are the things that moves me and that I could live for it. One of them is acting. I see people doing movies and I want to be there, not here sitting in my bedroom waiting for something to happen, I figured that I have to make things happen myself.

  Some people told me that I should be in movies and stuff like that without me telling them that I loved acting, so I guess it was something I was showing naturally. So, I finally decided to take the first step, I got into acting classes! Yey! I’m feeling so much better now. I am changing my routine, I am doing something I love, I am having  fun and I am being myself.

I hope for things to get better and better, this is just the spark.

And  I have to thank to my favorite actors who inspired me to continue this dream and for inspiring me to be a great actress, I will not disappoint them.



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