One of many ways to feel lonely sometimes…

When you nodoby around you understand you.

Sometimes the nature of who you are is very different from the people around you and they don’t understand you, critize you, make fun of you and so. That’s when we decide to stay away, stay quiet and keep things at secret to avoid people from pushing you away.
But how we can give up who we are, to please other humans? For me, that’s not fair.
So, they right people will stay around you if you are yourself. I tried to change once, and I felt like something was missing from me and then I decided that as long I am not hurting anyone I was going to be myself and nothing else. At the end of the day, before going to be it’s just us and our thoughts and what’s in there is what you really are.

Nonsense? Maybe. I wanted to write in general and not specifics examples because it’s worse.

until then.

thank you for reading,

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