“I can’t be like them…”

This might be one of the hardest blog to write but, I will try my best to write what I have to say. I say it’s hard because it might be contradictory, empty, or without sense.

I have seen people struggling so hard to fit around people, to pretend to be social or popular and losing themselves just to feel accept in every group of people, and I can’t be like them. I don’t know if they are right or wrong, but I can’t be like that. I have to admit that during those years where I was trying to find who I am, I met many people with different lifestyles to know where I could feel comfortable, I was part of that game but I grew up. I am still on the process but I am glad that I have a base of what I like and what I don’t, and what things I can tolerate. I have learned, not all, to understand what kind of people I want or need around me and to who to trust. I don’t need to feel loved by everyone, I dont need to be popular, I just need to be myself and to be happy with it; I don’t want to be loved by something I am not.

I can’t be like those people that tries to be friends with everyone just to feel popular and then nobody’s there when they need someone to trust their secrets. I can’t be like the people that have to feel loved my everyone because I understand that not everyone has to like me, viceversa. I can’t be a chameleon and try to fit where I don’t feel comfortable. I know I am very different, and I never feel like I fit somewhere but I try to be around the closest things that make me feel me. I know it’s hard, I know everybody is different but please, try to find yourself first. When you act and be yourself the right people will be around you, you won’t have to try hard.

I am so glad I had stumble upon many rocks but, now I am closer to know where I belong and who I am. Sometimes I been left out, and it’s there when I am sure that I’m not like the rest, that I stand out.

Don’t be like them, be yourself !

Love, Melanie

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