22 amazing things that happened while I was 22.

Tomorrow I am turning 23 years old, although I feel younger I have to accept that legally I wont be 22 anymore. Here is a list of my favorite moments while I was 22 years old.

1. I met Christina Perri! (My top 1 favorite moment)
2. I visited Los Angeles, California. ( amazing!)
3. I began to learn to play guitar.
4. Wrote a lot of songs
5. I read my favorite book now, Divergent. ( this book touched my heart and life)
6. I graduated from college.
7. I went to Nashville,TN.
8. Discovered how amazing is Robert Downey Jr.
9. I meet cool friends ( which are not longer friends for no reason but i am used to it)
10. I got my passport.
11.I saw Johnny Depp Walk of Fame star, been dreaming about it since I was 13. I got a blonde streak of hair.
14.I got a second ear piercing.
15.I visited the tomb of Elvis Presley, the person who inspired The Beatles.
16. Once Upon A Time tv series changed my tv life.
17. I knew more about myself and what I want.
18. I went to Disneyland, California.
19. I had a lot of coffee mornings, which I should do more often.
20. I wrote more of my novel, still trying to finish it.
21. I went to my first Comic Con.
22. Found out that friends dont always have to be there, they are always when you need them.

23, Im ready for new challenges and adventures and dreams come true!

” if you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true”- Cinderella ( Disney movie)








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