Hello July!!

Today is the first day of July, June was gone in a flash. This month is my birthday! To tell you the truth this month didn’t began happy for me. I really feel down and out of place. I’m growing, and I no longer feel like I should still in certain places or doing the same thing. I need to change, I need to look forward but recently it is becoming so hard for me and I feel a lot of stress and my trich is coming back and my crying attacks too. I am trying not to give up. I see a lot of people around my age having happy endings, good things happening to them, making things come true except for me. I only get tweets from my favorite singer, and I feel happy for that but that is not enough. I have always felt different and maybe my story, well, is not going to be ordinary. I hope that good things happen to me very soon, God is there I know, but its not easy to feel how I feel now. Wishing I could write more but then I don’t want to make people angry so I will leave it here.

I know we are not the only people feeling this way, and that’s what this blog is all about.


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