Memory closet.

Today I finally managed to clean up and re-organize my bedroom closet. The best part of doing it was the stuff I found that belonged to me in my teenage years, it was very funny to remember how I was and check on the cool stuff I keep and made. Looking at our past can make us understand better how we are now, and it’s also very healthy to remember those crazy days. Here’s a list of a few things I found, discovered, learned, from my walk to memory lane.

  • I have a portfolio filled with 5 magazines that featured on the cover members from the cast of my favorite series ever, “LOST” . Also the portfolio included articles and images featuring stuff from the series.
  • I keep a portfolio full of photos of Johnny Depp! my celebrity crush from that time. (Oh, I was lucky to meet him in person)
  • I also keep another portfolio ( I keep one for everything) stuffed with photos of my other celebrity super crush Orlando Bloom. It was so funny to see them, and I plan to keep them.
  • I wrote over 90 songs.
  • I have a green box that keeps my “Lord Of The Rings” merchandise inside.
  • I have a lot of posters of different movies, mostly Johnny Depp’s.
  • I still keep mail letters from when my friend was on the Navy.
  • I tried to learn french by myself. (I ended up learning at college)
  • I printed the lyrics of the longest songs from Green Day to learn them by heart. ( Jesus of Suburbia and Homecoming.)
  • I was “punk”
  • Always wanted to become a singer.
  • I wrote stuff on elvish. haha
  • Avril Lavigne was my fashion role model and inspiration.


Memories is what remind us who we really are, I’m a nerd, obsessive, and kind of a hoarder too and that’s part of being who I am. I wouldn’t change it because then I’m not myself.




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