7 Reasons why raven birds are amazing (and I love them)


From ancient times raven birds are seen like dark magical creatures, but for me they’re just simply animals but of course they’re not a common bird. I came up with a shot but significant list from my research about what makes the ravens amazing birds in many positive ways, and what makes them my favorite bird and inspiration.

    1. Raven’s calls can express tenderness, happiness, surprise, emotion or rage.
    2. Are considered the most intelligent birds.
    3. Once paired, ravens remain mated for life.
    4. Black feathered.
    5. Often seen in small groups or alone.
    6. Many Native American tribes honor the raven for bringing light to mankind.
    7. J.R.R. Tolkien used a raven in his book “The Hobbit”, quote: “But the ravens are different. There used to be a great friendship between them and the people of Thor; and they often brought us secret news, and were rewarded with such bright things as they coverted for their dwellings. “

I hope someday I can hold one in real life.

Ravens are really cool birds, see?


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