My acne solution

The worst physical problem I always have to deal with is acne. It started years ago, when I was a teenager, and now I’m an adult and the problem persists. After trying a lot of acne products I finally found ones that worked so much better than other products I have use in the past.

For regular face cleanse I use Clear days ahead ($20) from Philosophy. It’s the best for me yet, it’s really oil free and eventually the acne drama will be over or less annoying. My skin feels so much fresh and clean.

I also use face masks for the blackheads and oily skin, I have 2 favorites now which I use most: Mint Julep (you can find it at Walgreen for less than $5 and you can read a lot of good reviews about it) ; and Microdelivery Purifying ($40) by Philosophy again. This last one is a one minute peel it leaves you a very soft skin and very fresh, plus a natural glow. It’s also good because it reduces blackheads.

Remember, acne products doesn’t work the same for everyone, but are worth the try.

Few more tips:

  • Avoid coke. Just drink water.
  • Sleep well, and eat healthy (not a lot of fast food junk)
  • No chocolate. (For me it brings the most horrible pimples ever)
  • Try to avoid stress.


What’s the best acne advice you can share? Share your experience… Comment!

– Melanie

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