If you follow every social network such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook , you might have noticed a lot of promo from PARAMORE’s new self-titled album. It was released last Tusday, April 9th, and everybody is buzzing about it, the album reached the #1 spot in iTunes Store and the band seems to be very happy about it. The response from the fans is very positive, and even celebrities has shown their love for this new Paramore material. Seems like the members of the band, (Hayley, Taylor and Jeremy), created a masterpiece that they claim is their best album yet.

I am a fan since their first album “All we know is falling” and I have seen the progress and I can tell that I have grown up listening to their music. I have to admit that this is not my favorite PARAMORE album, my favorite is RIOT!, but I can say I like it. This is the type of cd that at first you are not truly convinced with the song but then you can’t stop singing them in your head and eventually you end up loving every song. This is my first weekend with the self- titled album in my ipod. The lyrics are amazing in this album, and although the music is kinda pop there’s also a spark of rock and good vibes. My favorite songs so far are: “Now” , “Part II”( my favorite Paramore song is Let the Flames Begin so I have to love this song too because is the second part), “Last Hope”, and “Crazy Girls”. This album is great, these guys did an amazing job here and I hope you all like it. We have a lot of PARAMORE for a long time.

I invite you to download Paramore’s new album or grab your copy in your favorite music store and dance all night long.

Here are the the 2 singles from this album:


“Still into you”

Click on the image to get your Paramore now !


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