“Life can still happen”


Recently, after long time wishing to do so, my mom deciced to make a home garden. Since I’m home almost all the time, I had the task to plant the seeds and take care of the plants. This morning when I was about to water them, I noticed that the letucce seed started to show a sign of life. I felt a spark of joy, because I been there since day 1, my heart was joyful to see this happening.

There’s something that tells me that hope still, that life can still happen. At the sight of this small leaf I began to think and analize life. Plants are born out of the dirt, water, heat, they are prone to die of heat or drowing; plants don’t give up, those are the essential keys to bloom. We don’t need to be covered with bad things and just stay there drowing in our own misery, we must let that help us to grow and find our way towards the light. Once our roots are placed in the ground keep moving up, never back down.

The first days after I planted the seed, I saw only the dirt I used to plant them, nothing else. Now I can see life, I see the seed turning into something beautiful, and I’m sure that it will keep growing and will make me happier. This world is changing, but there’s still hope of life. life can still happen after all. Life is what keep us here, and while you can live and stay you can keep fighting and you can keep moving towards the light.

Nobody said that it was going to be easy, but when something worth having was found walking by the safest road?

I wanted to share this with you today, hope you have a great day! Keep growing and evolving, never stop dreaming. And remember to add fetilizer.


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