” What now? “

Does anyone ever have a “soul search” trip? I really wish to do one; it’s something I feel I need. Right now, I must admit that I feel lost in this world, and I’m not referring spiritually lost. I just finished an degree in Photography, but I feel like this is not what moves me. I have so many things in my head and plans but I don’t know where to begin with. I think about fighting for my dreams but fear is pushing me back. I don’t know what to do. I hate my job, but I’m still there. I don’t feel any support, and my comfort zone is keeping me here where I am. Money is something that holds me back to because though I’m saving if I use that money nobody will help me if I need.
Yeah, it’s depressing. I believe is typical to feel this way when you finish college, spending all your life studying and then finding yourself vs. the world. This is tough stage in my life…

This is why I decided to title this post , “What now?”, because I have no idea what to do now with my life.

Share your story…


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